Thou genesis word

Be formed in me,
Thou genesis word,
Thou Logos which wert
And art, forevermore;
Thou Word spoken
In the beginning,
And now being heard
For such a time as this.
Form me around thee
Living Word made flesh;
Once, then, as Immanuel
And again, now, in thy
Body Temple.
Expand my spirit
Through thine own;
A new wineskin transformed
From the old, lain down.
Then pour thyself forth
Into me that I might overflow
With thee, and with creation
All, proclaim thy glories ā€”
Thy cross and resurrection ā€”
As an emissary shaped, living,
By thy genesis word.

Abba – Mary – Jesus

Do you see me?
Do you know the depths
Of my suffering?
Do you feel my pain,
Or simply see it from afar?
Am I really yours?
Do I belong to you?
Are you really mine?
Is this suffering a cup
From which you too have drunk?
Show me how to be fully surrendered
To your will, that I may be fully your son.

I thought Iā€™d lost you.
Why did I not recognise you,
Even though you said you would be here?
Why can I not cling to you?
As you call me by my name
It is enough, and yet I know the wounds
Are still there, and the fear of the loss
Of you overwhelmed me.
Why do I doubt your love,
Your undivided attention towards me,
When you look me in the eye and say my name
Like no one else can?

Help me find my wounds in your wounds,
That by your wounds I may be healed.
You have taken upon yourself all my iniquities;
All the ways I have acted out of my wounds.
If you forgive me, then I know I am forgiven.
If you forgive me, I know I can forgive those
Who wounded me, and by my wounds
(bound with your wounds)
Release healing, renewal and resurrection power.
Today, in my suffering, you declare I will be with you
In paradise; help me find that place of peace.
And help me to be that place for others.

If it is your will

If it is your will
That I drink this
Cup of suffering
Then let it not pass by.
I trust you Abba knowing
That what you offer me
Is not the suffering itself
But the life of joy it delivers.
Therefore with this joy
Set out before me, may I
Endure in this labour
Knowing that your love
Endures forever.

(A prayer for Allyn, my dear friend and brother)

In Love Resounding

All the ways you reach out to me;
All the times you come to me;
All the days you have numbered for me;
All the lives of those who love me;
All the angels who watch over me;
All the ways your grace heals me;
All the joy that overflows inside me;
All that you creatively inspire in me;
All that you are to me;
All the songs you have sung over me
Since the day of my creation;

May You who are all in all receive
My song of praise and adoration,
Sung forever with humble thanksgiving,
In love resounding.

In all the ways I can love you

In all the ways I can love you
I want to love you with my whole heart.
That this wholeheartedness might
Bring together the broken parts in me
And unite them in the Oneness of you.
For when we are one, then I am one.

When we are together, nothing is falling apart.
In you all things come together and are held
In perfect beauty – everything being made new.
Be the One who is all in all, and be my all in all,
That my life may tell your story,
Made complete in its telling.

Peace within your walls

May there be peace within your walls,
Peace within your walls, oh Yerushalayim.
Your time has not yet been fulfilled,
And your enemies are at every gate.
Peace, peace be at your borders and
In your hearts towards the foreigner.
May you be a city on a hill that shines
Forth in righteousness and peace; a
Light to the nations on Yahweh’s Holy hill.
May there be shalom within your walls,
And within your hearts, oh Israel.

Always the bad cop

Bad Cop
No one wants to grasp the nettle.
No one wants to upset the apple cart.
We fear the tears of those we love
In case it means we’re not liked.
We dance around the subject like
Jesters pretending that all is fine,
When in our hearts we know
What we know, and we know that
What we see isn’t right. And yet,
If we truly loved one another,
And truly sought the best for those
We love then we would know
And live in the truth that
“Faithful are the wounds of a friend”.
But instead we stand by, subtly and
Gently hinting them along the path
Of pain, loss, heartbreak and regret,
Because we want to be the
Good cop and never the bad cop.

I am tired of always being the bad cop.
This kind of loving is too costly.
I lay down my popularity and risk
My friendships because of a deeper love
Which is so safe you can stare into the
Abyss and fear no evil; you can be stung
By the nettles but go beyond to the
Rolling meadows that lie beyond.
I long for more of that love, and for
Stronger passions in those who love me,
So that they would rather break my arm
To save me from a broken heart;
To risk my love by telling me the truth of me
To find that my love for them only grows.

I am tired of being the bad cop, because
It is not I who is the bad cop.

How long?

How long?
How looong?
Until you act?
Until you step in
Decisively and
Until you turn
This world on
Its head?
Until your kingdom
Comes, and your
Will is done
On earth as it is
In heaven?
Until the swords
Become ploughshares
And spears become
Pruning hooks?
Until the lion eats
The ox’s fodder
And the wolf lies
With the lamb and
No longer seeks to
Dress in its clothing?
Until doing the
Right thing becomes
Currency and outdoing
Each other in generosity
Becomes our profit?
Until root and branch
Of this world are
Made new and
Heaven and earth
Become as one
As YOU tabernacle
With your people
How long?
Our Lord come!