We walk by faith, not by sight

We walk by faith, not by sight.
Although the road ahead
May not be clearly seen, or
Events along the way known,
Yet the destination remains
Fixed and certain – the embrace
Of the Father as He welcomes
You home, as a daughter or son.
And so we walk ever forwards,
Upwards – unstinting, unwavering,
Knowing that things yet unseen
Will come to be, and things
Now seen will pass away,
As His call goes out to us –
A lighthouse in the storm,
A beacon in the darkness.
He calls us out, and He calls
Us homeward, He knows
Our fears, and He knows
Our weak, fragile, frame.
Yet His call is certain and
He will bring us home in
Every fear and every doubt,
Each time we fall and when
We run – never forsaking us
Or leaving us lost, but
Finding us and inviting us
To ask and receive, seek
And find, knock that we may
Enter in and be received.
As we see the void in the road
Ahead we must also know
That He is the bridge.
We walk by faith, not by sight,
Hearing His voice and knowing
This – that He who called us
Is faithful, and He will do it.