Me-my mine

Deep in the me-my
Mine lurks the
Selfish soul,
Prowling in the darkness
With a nocturnal pride
Of self-focused self-seekers,
Stumbling into one another
With sharp elbows, vainly
Looking down long, long
Pointy noses into the dark
Mirror of the ego. Ergo
Life here is death here
And growth here is stilted,
Bent and troubled,
And peace and love
Are words imagined,
Because to live them would
Require the death of me –
My ego – down there deep
In the me-my mine.

The place of peace

Peace is not about accepting:
Peace is about embracing.

Peace is not the absence of trouble:
Peace is the active presence which shields us from and overcomes trouble.

Peace is not a way of thinking, or an emotion:
Peace can still both heart and soul.

Peace is not an ideal:
Peace is real.

Peace is not a concept:
Peace takes on flesh and blood in you and me.

Peace is not the end of a process:
Peace is a continuing way of life.

Peace is not what we hope for:
Peace is what we make if we choose to.

Peace is not something we move towards in order to attain it:
Peace comes close to us so we can receive it.

Peace is not FROM GOD:
Peace is the presence OF GOD.

“You keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on you, because he trusts in you.”
Isaiah 26:3