To the praise and glory of Christ (that moment)

That moment.

That moment when everything will make perfect sense.
That moment when beauty and passion will dissolve into my being,
Changing me to receive more of you more fully.
That moment when all my desires will be instantly fulfilled by looking upon you.
That moment when nothing will be lacking and everything will be overflowing.
That moment when you will fill all space and time,
And all my senses will know your sweetness.
That moment when I will receive all that you promised me
Simply by being before you in your presence.
That moment that requires me to first die
So I can live with you in it.
That moment which you willed to be
That you might meet me there and fill it with all of you.
That moment which you let me glimpse
So I know it is coming.

How I long for that moment
When I will fully know that all and everything is
To the praise and glory of Christ.