In Love Resounding

All the ways you reach out to me;
All the times you come to me;
All the days you have numbered for me;
All the lives of those who love me;
All the angels who watch over me;
All the ways your grace heals me;
All the joy that overflows inside me;
All that you creatively inspire in me;
All that you are to me;
All the songs you have sung over me
Since the day of my creation;

May You who are all in all receive
My song of praise and adoration,
Sung forever with humble thanksgiving,
In love resounding.

The Garden of our Love

This ground is good for growing,
AndĀ firm enough to build up high.
The bedrock was laid and made in
Covenantal love when we believed
That what we might be together was
Far greater than what we could become

For it is not good for the (wo)man to be alone,
And yet as we grow in this our garden
We find that fruitfulness and entanglement,
Joy and sorrow, laughter and tears,
Are the landscape which shapes and constrains
Our life of love, and which creates both the
Shafts of light and the long shadows of each day.

But this ground is good for growing;
The soil enriched by the fertilisation
Of all those things which have to die in us,
And firm enough to build up high,
If only we would choose to dream our dreams,
And then wake and make them our reality.