Who celebrated the day of my birth?
Was it like I was the only child,
Or was I just another one?
As I shared my life with brothers
Who had already taken their place,
Was there a place for me?
Was I ever going to make my mark
Or did my arrival go largely unnoticed?

I saw you from the start.
When two tiny cells first joined
And began a chain reaction of life,
I was there.
Your unformed body, your unthought
Thoughts, your unconscious awareness:
I was present and you knew me there.
As you grew I breathed my life-giving
Breath into you and knitted each strand
Of your DNA together until you were
Uniquely you; flesh of your parents’ flesh
And bone of their bone, but still you.
I watched you and I loved you and
I saw to it that you were safely held
Until the day you would be birthed.
On that day I sang over you and
There was joy throughout the cosmos.
I held you in those moments when
Your mother laid you down so that
You were never not held,
And my presence always with you.


The GOD who was, and is, and is to come;
The GOD who, with forethought and foreknowledge, conceived a material universe;
The GOD whose power and dimensional reality exceeds that of what HE created;
The GOD who is personal and creates beings to reflect and relate to HIS personhood;
The GOD who is love and so creates from love, for love, and in love;
The GOD who in love made HIS creatures to know true love and to be free to receive or reject it;
The GOD who entrusts humans to care for the world HE placed us in and empowers and provides for us to do so;
The GOD who laments our destructive ways and our relationship-breaking behaviours and puffed-up pride;
The GOD who created all things from HIS uncreated reality with a plan and purpose;
The GOD who rolls up HIS sleeves to fix what we have broken and gets stuck in to help us where we are helpless;
The GOD who is not aloof in some imagined distant cloud-world but is right here: Immanuel – GOD with us;
The GOD who became like us being born as a man in poverty to a people expecting their Messiah;
The GOD who in Yeshua lived a life worthy of our humanity and embracing all people everywhere;
The GOD who experiences the deathly grip of our broken world and is entombed as a suffered servant;
The GOD for whom death has no power and who resurrects as the King of all things;
The GOD who ascends in HIS humanity to be as one with HIS Father yet remains present by HIS Holy Spirit;
The GOD who is one: Father, Son and Spirit in trinity, and who is all in all so that all things will be fulfilled and made new in HIM;
The GOD who is yet to finish the story of this world, and our fragile, mortal humanity, and to fully establish his already inaugurated Kingdom;
The GOD who will one day establish heaven on earth – both new – and dwell with HIS people in love forever in incorruptible ‘soil and spirit’;
This I find compelling, and from deep within me, an urge to enter into this truth takes a leap into the invisible light.