One last time

Your heart was full
Of deep, flowing love as
You gathered your friends;
The upper room warm with light and
A lamb readied for hopeful remembrance.
How you had longed to share
This meal with them
One last time.

How much did you love them?
More than words could contain,
So you stripped yourself
Of everything – fully laid bare –
To become the lowest
Servant of all, washing their feet
And teaching them a new way;
One last time.

As you tore the bread, your heart
Was being torn, not under the weight
Of love, but rent by one who had
Sold his priceless piece of your heart
For the allure of thirty pieces of silver.
Yet you dipped your bread in the same
Bowl and offered it to your friend
One last time.

In the garden, you asked your friends
To watch and pray, yet belly full and
Heavy with wine, the balmy night
Wrapped around them like a blanket,
Lulling them to sleep. In your anguish –
The intensity forcing out beads of blood –
You knew they could not stay with you
One last time.

They tore your beard; they spat on you;
They tried you and lied about you;
They mocked you and flogged you;
And then they crucified you.
As you drew your last breath,
Entrusting your spirit to the Father,
You allowed death to have its say
One last time.

Reflection for Good Friday, 2nd April 2021