Peter, which means ‘rock’

The Rock of Ages came to tell Peter
That the station was fast approaching.
At this station all must change,
For where we’re going this part
Of the journey must first end.
It seemed that he was too weak,
Too frail to make the change
Alone, and so we gathered there,
Around him, with him, to lift him
Up on prayers and hymns, and with
Sacramental love to provision
Him for his passing over.

We know where you are going, but
We know not what it will be like,
What scenery you will behold as
You journey on without us, except
We know that your present weakness
Will be changed more solid than rock,
Like the faithfulness of the One
Who called you home,
And your final moments here will
Reside with us as provision for
Our continuing journey –
Like those model trains going round
And round on their tiny tracks –
Until we meet again in a new country.