Baptise me

May the dry clay go under.
May the cracks be filled with water.
May the outer deadness give way
To the inner life which has been reborn,
And is is being reborn;
Renewed, and is being renewed.
Baptise me as that outer sign
To which inwardly my heart says “yes”,
But let that fragile, hope-filled “yes”
Be re-baptised again and again.
May I die with Christ daily
As I take up my cross daily and follow.
May I live the eternal life daily
As the risen Jesus lives in me.
May it be that as my body passes
Through the waters – death to life –
That my mind, my intellect, preconceptions
And prejudices also pass through
The baptismal Red sea; my Jordan river.
Baptise me back then and baptise me
Again Lord, so that the seed of me may
Be planted into the ground in faith-filled
Hope, and may resurrect with you
In fruitful righteousness to a life where
Repentance leads to reconciliation,
Reconciliation leads to witness,
And witness leads to power.