My God specialises in ‘hard’.
When He sweated blood knowing
The cup He must drink from;
When He died there in the
Darkness of the 9th hour,
Abandoned and alone;
When He didn’t stay dead
But broke death’s power, forever;
He showed us what ‘hard’ looks like.
He chose ‘hard’ for us
So that when we face our
Own hard times; when we
Feel we can’t carry the load,
Or manage on our own,
We can look to Him who
Specialises in ‘hard’, and know
That nothing is impossible, and
In Him all things are possible,
If we but dare to believe.
So ‘hard’ for us becomes not
That which we cannot change,
Nor carry, nor manage on our own,
But having faith in the One
Who can change anything,
Who can carry our load,
And who will, in the hardest
Moments of your life,
Carry you through it
With arms that cannot fail.

(On the day of Jack’s stroke)