Slow beat walking,
Breathing each breath,
Seeing everything in sight;
Letting each moment have
Its unrepeated moment.
We think that speed is
Measured as distance covered
Divided by the time it takes,
But often in speed we do not
Take the time
And we instead divide ourselves,
And the only distance we cover
Is that which takes us further and
Farther away from ourselves
And our eternal Father.
In the slowness you can see
That although the bush is burning
It is not consumed.
In the slowness you can join the
Swell of each moment as myriad
Of things and thoughts praise
GOD who has made that moment
That moment.
In the pause you can hear the
Applause of angels giving tribute
To the wisdom and power and glory
And strength that sustains
The universe moment by still,
Small, momentary moment.

Burning bush