“He is not here, He is risen!”
The words hang in the air,
A freeze-frame moment
As the truth revealed slowly
Becomes the truth received.
He told us it would be so
And yet, the obvious truth
Remains the most implausible
Of all the possibilities.
Has the gardener moved Him?
Can I believe the women
Or must I see for myself?
If I can touch the wounds
Then I will surely know.
But resurrection is not
Of this world and so
Does not play by the rules
Of reason or logic or
Empirical proof – it defies
The laws of nature as it
Defies death, facing it down
Into completion submission;
The death of death through
His resurrection power.
For the eyewitnesses it
Remains true as it does for us,
That seeing is not believing,
And touching not required,
Because only a heart as open
As the tomb itself can know,
Beyond all reasonable doubt
That He is is not there,
Because He is risen!