I am a work of grace

I am a work of grace.
As His grace is at work in me,
So I am empowered
To do His work –
Not a labour under Adam’s curse
But a labour of love,
Always bearing fruit.
In my imperfection
His grace is magnified.
In my obedience and love
His grace is glorified.
He only ever meets me
In His grace, and by His grace
He loves me as I really am.
But His grace is more
Than a way to be one with Him –
His grace changes me,
Shaping me in the form of itself,
Which is the form of the
One who IS Grace, the Son,
Full of grace and truth.
I am a work of grace,
And what has been begun
Shall be completed,
Then I too, like Him,
Shall be in the form of grace.